Nuclear industry: see no danger, speak no danger, hear no danger

In Nuclear Industry on March 19, 2011 at 10:16 AM

Now we are on the verge of catastrophe as TEPCO is muttering that there is the possibility of bury the whole plant of Fukushima Daiichi with tons of sand.

They know that the company was never able to deal with this kind of disaster: too many human errors after the tsunami, insufficient backup equipment to take appropiate measures, no clear emergency plans…

The Tokyo Electric Power Company has been always a greedy company: they choose the boiling water nuclear reactors because were cheaper than other safer designs, they didn’t protect the auxiliary diesel generators inside closed buildings cause they estimated it was enough with the breakwater to stop a tsunami, and they have been following the events from behind because they knew the high economic cost of every extra measure to control the plant.

The worst is the nuclear industry in general keeps on the same way that TEPCO; like the ancient monkeys of Nikko they see no danger, speak no danger, hear no danger.

The first day of the accident they said that with light water reactors was impossible a meltdown cause this type of reactor stops the nuclear reaction by design (now we have 1 severe and 3 partial meltdowns), that in case of the worst the radioactivity would be low (nobody can approach some deathly places of Fukushima plant), that spent fuel pools take a week to deplete its water (2 pools now boiling and burning) and this moment they say there is no worry about fallout outside Japan (when 2 U.S. aircarriers had redeployed because radioactive clouds).

I am a supporter of nuclear energy, cause at this moment it’s the only viable way to western nations of get rid of the tirany of a few autocracies (enemies of our countries) to put a high extra cost to our hard work and daily lives and besides I don’t want my money goes to places where there is not democracy, but right now I think the nuclear industry must ponder if they are going to do things properly or they want to vanish in forthcoming years.


Finally, I put an official report and an independent report about the same nuclear accident. Test the differences.

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