Fukushima Crisis: Latest maps of spread of radiation plumes in Asia-Pacific

In Breaking News, Radiation on March 19, 2011 at 12:27 AM


The Great Beyond publishs another great post with information about the problem of the spread of the radioactive cloud over the Pacific Ocean.

With models from the Central Institute for Meteorology and Geodynamics in Vienna we can see now the predicted paths of the radionuclides, and if I were living in the east coast of America I would take care of stay indoors in rainy days.

The radiation that arrives to U.S. will be very weak, but as long as Japanese government and TEPCO persist in secrecy about radiation measurement it’s obvious the reason to americans of buy every iodine tablet or geiger counter avalaible.

At any moment it could be a mayor release from Fukushima and it’s better to be ready for the worst scenario.



Fukushima Crisis: Latest maps of spread of radiation plumes in Asia-Pacific


  1. Hopefully there are no consequences for the Oxygen prduction in the ocean. We allow a company, an industry to release the earths most dangerous elements to be released. The IAEA “controlls” it, sells it as harmles. It’s as we allow a mafia boss to control the crimes in our cities.


  2. Things must change if the nuclear industry wants to survive after the disaster of Fukushima.
    I think is going to be a real harsh lesson for everybody.

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