Japan nuclear crisis and tsunami aftermath – live updates

In Radiation on March 17, 2011 at 9:00 PM


Interesting updates about several issues related to Japan and the Fukushima incident are in this blog from guardian.co.uk: emptied stores, no electricity, no running water, no gas, radioactivity measurements in microsieverts of the surrounding zone to Fukushima (fortunately not in milisieverts yet), and the list of injured TEPCO employees.

If the worst would reach Tokyo, I supposed the scale of the mayhem would be several times more severe than now.




“ […] the shelves inside the supermarket were still pretty much empty (but at least the lights were on this time — shopping in the dark is no fun), but they received a limited delivery of mostly vegetables and cup ramen. people were buying plenty of alcohol, which i wholly endorse.

Stressing that the levels were not dangerous for people, he predicted the particles would continue across the Atlantic and eventually also reach Europe. […]

He said he was convinced it would eventually be detected over the whole northern hemisphere. “It is only a question of very, very low activities so it is nothing for people to worry about,” De Geer said.


But health authorities say one-hour of exposure to radiation at any of the observed levels would range between 1/500th to 1/40th of the amount of radiation the body would receive in a single stomach X-ray.


My colleague, Ian Sample, has passed me the International Atomic Energy Association’s round-up of reported injuries at the Fukushima complex, released earlier this morning. It says that two people are missing while 23 suffered injuries. More than 20 people are believed to have been exposed to radiation […]


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