As the nuclear crisis worsens, we must pray for fair winds and no rain

In Radiation on March 17, 2011 at 8:16 PM


Everybody say that Chernobyl was worse than Fukushima  in every way, but there is an exception now: they had fair weather and yesterday was reported snowing several hundred miles north of Tokyo (I’ve read someone reporting who was trying to reach the Fukushima power plant and he found a snowfall in the way back to Tokyo).

Geoffrey Lean (longest-serving environmental correspondent) makes a good comment about this possibility.

Snowfall is equal to rain for download the radioactive particles floating in the air.

Radiation levels could rise higher at Tokyo if weather conditions bring rain or snow.




So far, thank goodness the wind has been blowing the plume out to sea in fine weather. If it were to turn inland the fears of a catastrophe could materialize, especially if rain were to bring the airborne radioactive materials down to earth.

The people living around Chernobyl were lucky: the accident happened on a still night and the heat of the fire carried the radioactivity high into the air, as if in an invisible chimney, where it encountered a gentle breeze tat wafted it over relatively uninhabited marshes. Providentially it did not rain for days.


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