Fukushima 50 battle radiation risks as Japan nuclear crisis deepens

In Breaking News on March 16, 2011 at 8:55 AM


This is a good general review about the new scenario with high doses of radiation in reactors second and fourth and how the Japanese prime minister Naoto Kan has addressed the nation with the new issues (more like preparing people about incompetence of TEPCO and the worst scenario in Fukushima).




Hundreds of non-essential personnel were shipped off-site after the blaze, knowing that they were leaving behind dozens of colleagues risking permanent damage to their health. The gravity of the situation emerged a few hours later when Naoto Kan, the Japanese prime minister, addressed the nation.


Clad in blue overalls, Kan began by urging people to remain calm. Fire had broken out in unit No 4, radiation had spread, the level was high, and there was a very high risk of further radioactive material emerging. […] But it was the workers who were “putting themselves in a very dangerous situation” to try to contain the problems, he acknowledged.


While both men called for calm, behind the scenes there were signs of the government’s plummeting faith in the plant’s operators, the Tokyo Electric Power Company. Kan was overheard reading the riot act to executives for failing to inform him of the blast, Japanese media said.

“The TV reported an explosion, but nothing was said to the prime minister’s office for more than an hour,” the Kyodo agency quoted Kan as saying. “What the hell is going on?”

Kan, who had already announced he would take personal control of a new joint-response headquarters involving the power company and the government, reportedly warned Tepco of serious consequences should it decide to pull its workers out before the plant has been made safe. “In the event of a withdrawal, I’m 100% certain that the company will collapse,” he said. “You must be determined to solve this.”


Kyodo reported that the spent nuclear fuel pool at Unit 4 might be boiling, with the water level falling sharply.Experts had already warned such a problem could be far more serious than a meltdown in the reactor cores, because they are not shielded by containment units.


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